Our Solutions

Khazna is the leading commercial wholesale data center provider in the UAE and is one of the largest data center infrastructure operators in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The exponential growth of data in the Middle East – powered by increased connectivity, mobile use and business applications – requires flexible and secure storage facilities.

Khazna provides large corporate users a dedicated, fully built data center space that delivers turnkey solutions to meet the ever growing demands placed on businesses in the region today.

Today, businesses in all markets and sectors, are facing multiple challenges as they compete in an ever changing business landscape. Around the world, CEO’s and CIO’s are looking for external partners that support the core of their organization.

One of the many choices facing today’s business leaders is whether they should build a data center from the ground up or utilize pre-existing facilities.

Khazna’s wholesale model can assist in resolving this question by providing the benefits of both owning and renting data center space.

Is a wholesale data center right for your business?

A wholesale data center provides the end-user (large or small enterprises) the option to lease large blocks of space and power.

Large organizations, as well as smaller firms, choose to lease wholesale data centers instead of building their own, due to the model offering operational efficiency by sharing infrastructure.

This freedom ensures that business owners can concentrate on their core offering and mission critical day-to-day requirements.

Let’s explore how Khazna’s wholesale offering could be right for you.

Holistic and Turnkey Data Centers

  • Client allocated an independent building “POD”, inclusive of office space and dedicated car park
  • Complete privacy – total segregation from Khazna and other clients
  • Client has full control over security and access to whitespace and office
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Client can design the interior of both office space and whitespace within the parameters of the master design.
  • Khazna delivers protected power and cooling at the edge of whitespace
  • Khazna manages park perimeters security and the critical ME infrastructure
  • IT capacity of 1.5MW onwards
  • Whitespace of approximately 1100 sqm. / 500 racks
  • Office space of 400 sqm
  • Utility bills are produced based on actuals

Data Center Suites

  • Dedicated suites with capacity of 750kw IT load / 600 sqm onwards
  • Khazna delivers protected cooling and power services
  • Full control over suite’s whitespace
  • Client has full control over security and access to whitespace
  • Utility bills are produced based on actuals